January 18, 2024

A brand new way to buy water bunds!

We wanted to make the process of purchasing water bunds a lot simpler and faster. That’s why we’ve just introduced a new way of buying them, replacing our old buy-a-bund platform per March 1st, 2024.

The old buy-a-bund platform

From now on, you will not receive a personal picture of your water bund like you were used to with our old buy-a-bund platform. This relieves the farmers who dig the bunds in Kenya from unnecessary additional work, as taking these pictures is a time-consuming and inefficient process for the farmers, time that they could spend more productively elsewhere.

When you decide to buy a water bund, you will immediately be taken to our purchasing tool where you’ll receive a bund certificate. This can be:

You are still able to login to your accounts until March 1st, 2024. After that, the platform will be deactivated.

(and don’t worry: of course we will keep updating you on a regular basis about your water bunds via our bund updates!🌱)