April 26, 2022

A new chapter for Dennis Karpes

Dennis Karpes, the co-founder of Justdiggit, is stepping back after 13 years of being active in the organization. After more than a decade of regreening Africa, he will now focus on new projects that will continue to positively impact our planet.

Where it all started
In May 2009, Dennis was introduced to Peter Westerveld, an artist and inventor born and raised in Tanzania who had the mission to bring back green land in Kenya. Dennis was blown away by the results from regreening Peter showed him. He got even more enthusiastic about his vision to maintain snow on Kilimanjaro with help of large-scale regreening projects. As Dennis was in for a new adventure after his previous project Dance for Life, he decided to join Peter’s mission. He knew that water and food scarcity, ecosystem restoration, and climate change were to become the most important themes of the decade to come. His vision: to create a worldwide landscape restoration movement. Out of this vision, Justdiggit was born. What started as an idea turned into a reality and paved the way for a regreening movement in Africa. Peter Westervelds passing in 2014 was a tragic loss for many, including Dennis. This made Dennis determined to continue working on the legacy that Peter had left and further develop the projects to achieve their dream of a cooler and greener planet.

The journey with Justdiggit
Thanks to Dennis’ vision, passion, wholeheartedness, and inspirational way of motivating the masses; Justdiggit has grown into the organization we know today. Partners around the entire world, numerous projects in 5 different countries, and 60,000 hectares of regreened land: it is safe to say that Justdiggit is on the right path. For Dennis however, this path is taking a new direction as he is entering the next adventure in life.

A new chapter
Although Dennis will still be involved at Justdiggit as a creative engineer and consultant, he feels it’s time to move on and venture into new projects. The projects Dennis is working on currently are WonderfulWorld.One and Imaginal Cells. WonderfulWorld.One is a platform where the most wonderful experiences and events are shared. Imaginal Cells is a program that inspires and empowers students to dream BIG, manifest from the heart, and becomes a changemaker themselves. These projects are already coming to fruition, and according to Dennis, the future of these projects is bright. An exciting upcoming decade is on the horizon! We are beyond grateful for what Dennis has done with Justdiggit and wish him all the best in his future endeavors and his journey in positive change-making in the world. 

Want to learn more about Dennis’ journey with Justdiggit? Watch the video here.