October 19, 2023

African Climate Summit: A Greener Africa with a 360 Experience

Justdiggit was represented at Kenya’s African Climate Summit (ACS) event in September!

How is this important? The main goal of the ACS event is to limit the rise in global temperatures by actively working and raising awareness toward a greener and more sustainable environment in Africa. By exchanging and sharing knowledge with different organisations, Justdiggit was able to raise positive awareness on our regreening mission and inspire many individuals motivated to join the movement!

African Climate Summit 2023 Justdiggit

Did you know that our booth contained a 360 experience with Oculus glasses? These glasses allow you to physically move around in the VR environment, just like in the real world! And that’s not the only exciting thing, we also had mocks and banners of the before and after effects of bunds. These engagement tools attracted lots of people that wanted to know more about us and what we do. This was a perfect way for us to get in contact with donors and possible new partnerships that would help us to regreen better and faster.

Overall, our presence at the ACS 2023 aimed to display our accomplishments and encourage collaboration and shared goals. The enthusiastic response from attendees to the interactive experiences and knowledge-sharing conversations highlighted the growing consciousness and the endless support. As a result, we are thrilled to say we played a vital role in inspiring individuals and organisations to join our cause.