September 24, 2019

World’s largest NGOs unite to reverse climate change.

World’s largest NGOs unite to reverse climate change. The alliance’s call to the world:

Green Up to Cool Down

NYC September 24th – Today the world’s most leading NGOs publicly shared their collaborative ambition to reverse climate change. The NGOs joined forces in the so-called Global EverGreening Alliance. Their goal is to capture 20 billion tons of CO2 annually by 2050 which drives an eventual cooling of global temperatures.

During a global kick-off at Climate Week NYC, the message was clear:

The science-based and proven successful solution for climate change has already been found, it simply needs to be supported and implemented on a global scale. Green up to cool down’ according to Dr. Dennis Garrity of the Global EverGreening Alliance.

This ground-breaking collaborative approach offers a concrete and realistic solution to climate change through 6 simple nature-based practices: from increasing tree cover, increasing soil carbon and scaling up shrubs on farmlands, to building biomass power plants, restoring forest lands and suppressing fires. All these methods are grassroots based – restoring land, lives and livelihoods.

Capturing 20 billion tons of CO2 annually on the land is a significant drawdown that will reverse the accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere and drive an eventual cooling of global temperatures. All this is not only achievable, but accurate, efficient and verifiable through NASA’s cloud-based scaling platform.

Introducing: The Grand African Savannah Green Up Program

Key members of the Global EverGreening Alliance have joined forces in the biggest landscape restoration project ever seen: The Grand African Savannah Green Up. This program will accelerate and massively scale-up adoption of Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) and other complementary Evergreening practices in Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Kenya and Ethiopia by building on existing successes, proven-effective approaches and existing capacity. Evergreening is an extremely rapid, cost-effective and scalable approach. It significantly increases food crop reliability and productivity, increases soil health, reduces erosion, builds resilience and adaptive capacity to the impacts of climate change, providing a sustainable local supply of biomass for energy needs and additional livelihood opportunities. It is being organically adopted by millions of smallholder farmers across the drylands of Africa.

The Grand Savannah Green Up program is implemented collaboratively, in partnership with the governments of participating countries and by members of the Global EverGreening Alliance, including World Vision, Catholic Relief Services, CARE International, Justdiggit, Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, Concern Worldwide, The World Agroforestry Centre, COMACO and other organizations.

Other coalition driven restoration programs will soon follow. When the global community commits to the ‘Green Up to Cool Down’ campaign and joins forces, climate change can be reversed. The Global EverGreening Alliance invites everyone to actively participate in this movement on