Bringing back 84,000 trees with Winclove Probiotics

Together with our partner Winclove Probiotics, we’ve started to bring back 84,000 trees in Tanzania this year. By bringing back these trees, we regreen 2100 ha of land: an area almost half the size of Amsterdam North, the home base of Winclove Probiotics.

Winclove Probiotics invests in a greener Tanzania
Winclove Probiotics and Justdiggit work together on a greener and cooler Dodoma. The goal is to bring back 8 million trees in the region, of which 84,000 through the support of Winclove Probiotics! By bringing back trees, Winclove compensates for their (necessary) business trips. The partnership with Justdiggit is one of their many approaches to minimalize their ecological footprint and to contribute to a healthy planet.

Maarten Pekelharing, Managing Director of Winclove Probiotics: “When you’re talking about organizations making a real impact, I think Justdiggit is an inspiring example. They fit in perfectly with the ‘purpose economy’ we support. An economy and society in which meaningful business is leading.”

Shared connection with Tanzania
Winclove Probiotics is an Amsterdam based family business, specialized in the research, development, and production of a diverse range of probiotics. They do not only help people to become healthier, they also take care of the earth’s health. Part of this is the regreening of Tanzania together with Justdiggit. And they choose Tanzania for a reason: director Maarten and colleague Marco traveled to Tanzania to meet the Hadza tribe, to get inspiration for their products as they have an enormously healthy and diverse intestinal microbiome!

Marjolein Albers, Managing Director of Justdiggit: “Just like Justdiggit, Winclove Probiotics uses the power of nature to make a positive impact. In terms of mentality, we are also on the same page: positive and can do! We feel a strong connection with the organization and are very happy with their support.”


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