March 9, 2021

Buy your own Justdiggit blanket!

Buy your own Justdiggit blanket!

Last Friday our brand new partner VOITED launched a special Justdiggit blanket. The exclusive design is inspired by our projects and shows that everyone can start regreening, just by picking up a shovel! Made of 100% recycled material, this Justdiggit blanket will keep you warm during the coldest outdoor camping nights while dreaming of a greener earth.   

VOITED creates outdoor apparel that blends creativity, performance, and sustainability. They strive to take better care of the earth, by continuously aiming to minimize the impact on the environment. By creating the most eco-friendly products possible, they inspire their community to get out there and live authentically.

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An exclusive Justdiggit blanket
We are very happy to join forces with VOITED and create a blanket that tells our story about regreening degraded landscapes. The design and the colors of the blanket are inspired by our projects and show that everyone can start regreening, by picking up a shovel! This limited edition design comes in 3 different types which are all ideal for vanlife, camping, hiking, picnics, travel, or at home, and are made from 100% recycled materials. The blankets are practical, lightweight, packable, water-resistant, and will keep you comfortable and warm wherever you may be. For every blanket sold, the proceeds will go to our regreening projects in Africa, and in the long term: the earth.

Want to have your own Justdiggit blanket? Buy it here!