April 23, 2024

Digging 60 bunds in 60 minutes for Earth Hour

We decided to celebrate Earth Hour a bit differently this year! Thanks to the great work of WWF Kenya, we launched an event of digging 60 bunds within one hour in Amboseli, Kenya to commemorate and protect our shared home – the earth itself.


The Biggest Hour for Earth

Since 2007, people from all over the world get together once a year to turn down the lights in their houses and cities for one hour. This is called Earth Hour: a moment of collective reflection on the preciousness that is our planet.

In 2023, Earth Hour was upgraded to ‘The Biggest Hour for Earth’ to create an incentive for global climate action. Not only did people from across the world turn off their lights for an hour but they were also encouraged to use this hour to do something – anything – for the benefit of the planet.


60 (plus!) bunds for Mother Earth 

We used this call to action to help create an Earth Hour event that aimed to dig 60 bunds in one hour in an Amboseli project site where we give technical support. With the help of our friends over at WWF Kenya and our partner Big Life Foundation, this event was a great success and received a lot of media attention. 

We mobilised people from the community who were up for the challenge and were willing to dedicate one hour to Mother Earth together. This event was a great example of the power of a group of people coming together for the benefit of the planet, as the goal of digging 60 bunds was even surpassed at the end of the hour!