February 3, 2020

Discover Greener.LAND: the DIY regreening tool for farmers

Discover Greener.LAND

In Kenya and Tanzania, many farmers have already started to regreen their own lands. To spread the regreening movement even further we developed, together with Nature^Squared and SamSamWater, Greener.LAND. This website contains a free and easy to use tool that encourages farmers to start regreening themselves and gives them a hand on how to get started depending on their type of landscape and climate! 

There is a global increase in awareness amongst farmers on the positive effects of regreening, and its effect: more fertile land. However, they often face the challenge on how to do so and where to start. That’s exactly why Nature^Squared, SamSamWater and Justdiggit developed Greener.LAND.

The tool assists farmers by choosing the characteristics that belongs to their landscape. It provides them with one or more types of interventions that is best applicable to their particular land. Clear and basic videos and pictures help the farmers to apply the specific interventions on their own land. Depending on the type of land, the location, the climate and other factors, you can find the right regreening techniques. This way everyone can join the Regreen Revolution!

Greener.LAND aims to inspire millions of farmers to start regreening themselves. This means more green and a cooler earth! Curious about which regreening techniques the farmers can use to make their land green again? Take a look at the platform.