October 28, 2019

Educating farmers through SMS

Educating farmers through SMS

Thus far, our partner LEAD Foundation has collected 43,271 phone numbers of Tanzanian farmers who want to receive instructions on how to perform Kisiki Hai, so they can regreen their land!

Although champion farmers visit their fellow farmers on a continuous basis on how to practice Kisiki Hai, with the SMS service we can keep everyone engaged on a weekly basis and even reach more farmers. Also outside the targeted project area! Because all farmers own a mobile phone, but not a smart phone, voice calls and text messages are an important means of communication. Therefore, it is a great way for us to educate and activate farmers.

They can subscribe via 1. champion farmers, 2. by giving their number during the movie roadshow or 3. by sending the word ‘Kisiki’ to 15320.

The first message they receive? “Karibu! Thank you for signing up for Kisiki Hai sms, together with your champion farmer we are here to support you in practicing Kisiki Hai. You will receive messages every week. Best, Mr Kisiki Hai.”