September 30, 2019

GROUNDbreaking news: Justdiggit’s Regreening platform!

GROUNDbreaking news: Justdiggit’s Regreening platform!

From now on you can invest in a greener and cooler climate by working together with a farmer in Kenya and seeing the result directly. With our new Regreening platform developed in collaboration with our partner DEPT Agency!

You can buy your own unique bunds. Bunds – which we also like to call earth smiles 🙂 – are moon shaped pits that collect rainwater in dry areas. With this you ensure regreening and directly support an African farmer who digs the bunds. A true win-win situation! After digging, you will receive a photo of your bund and regular updates. This way you can follow the regreening closely!

GROUNDbreaking App
To see the result of your investment, we have trained a number of farmers to:

  • check the dug bunds on depth, location and size.
  • take pictures of the bunds.

We also call them fundis (supervisors). They have received a smartphone for this with our newly developed app(!) so that you receive a photo of the end result and the farmer gets paid with your donation on his/her telephone account. Groundbreaking right?!

Invest in a cooler climate!
Did you know that you can buy 3 bunds for less than 25 euros (1 bund = € 8,-)! 95% of your investment ends up in the project area. 5% are platform and transaction costs to transfer your investment to the telephone numbers of the farmers and fundi’s and for you to receive bund photos. Digg in, because together we can make the planet greener and cooler!

* Register now on the REGREENING PLATFORM and invest in a cooler planet.

* Do you want to regreen even easier and more interactive? Buy your bunds via FACEBOOK MESSENGER.