August 1, 2023

In memory of Bernard Gbagba, our dear colleague

Some messages you hope to never write…

We want to reflect on the recent passing of our dear colleague, Bernard Gbagba, who sadly died way too young. Bernard was the Program Coordinator and Communications lead for the Forests4Future program in Togo.

Bernard joined our organisation in June 2022 and led the stakeholder management on behalf of JDI, in Togo. He worked together with GIZ and DFS to implement JDI’s communication program to support and strengthen the Forests4Future program.

Bernard Gbagba Justdiggit

Bernard had a jovial character; he was someone who was able to light up any room. He had an easygoing approach to life, combined with a super optimistic attitude when taking on challenges. We used to jokingly call him ‘Le Patron’ on the field, as the communities he worked with on the project site clearly saw him as someone who supported and helped them. This is a true sign of his character. He was loved by everyone he worked with. He was a true family man and had three children and a wife who he was very proud of and spoke highly of.

He meant a lot to us, both personally and professionally. We are left inspired by his wonderfully positive attitude towards life and are deeply saddened by his death. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. Bernard will always be a part of the Justdiggit family.