June 16, 2021

Inkisanjani area covered with over 33,000 bunds

Inkisanjani area covered with over 33,000 bunds

For the past few months, 100 amazing community members have stepped in as bund diggers and have been hard at work digging over 33,000 bunds within the Inkisanjani project area, Kenya. We are happy to announce that now the whole project area has been filled with bunds!

Some of the 33,000 new bunds from this project have already captured their first rainwater, allowing vegetation growth to return. This means that the area will become lush and green again!

The 100 diggers have been so dedicated to filling the project area with bunds that they kept digging and finished with having dug over 1,800 more bunds than originally planned. This means we still have some extra bunds available. Interested? Buy one of the last bunds now via the regreening platform or give some green to your loved ones.

33,000 bunds dug in Inkisanjani