December 4, 2023

Meet Holie: the world’s most healthy breakfast that regreens the planet!

Taking care of your body is just as important as taking care of the planet. That’s why Holie, our awesome partner, is on a mission to make people healthy again. They create delicious crunchy cereal products with 0% added sugar, while taking real action to regreen our planet.

We’ve been partners with Holie since 2021. We immediately felt a kinship with them, as they do things just a little differently than others. They are challenging the food industry with a bold, better and healthier cereals alternative. In their latest campaign, The Holie Truth, they are taking on ‘health washing’ in their industry and exploring the importance of eating a healthy breakfast together with you.

However, Holie’s goal is not just to send you out on a joyful day filled with energy and a full belly of their (vegan) Granola or Crunchy Muesli. They are committing themselves to driving positive change for the planet too, with 1% of their annual sales going to regreening projects such as our Treecovery project. This means you can make a real difference in the world just by enjoying their cereal. Did you know that with every box of Holie’s cereal, you regreen 3.5 square meters of land?

Thanks to Holie’s support, we’ve been able to bring back more than 10,000 trees and capture over 200,000 litres of water. Together, we’ve regreened an area almost 12 times as big as the Vondelpark in Amsterdam – and we’re only just getting started!