May 8, 2020

Justdiggit goes UK

Justdiggit goes UK

The Regreen Revolution is going to start in the UK soon! Our new colleague Stuart Taylor will help us to spread the mission of Justdiggit the UK as well.

About Stuart
During his career he has worked for several large media companies and knows all about the sales and management of media. And he is now going to use all this knowledge of the media world to spread Justdiggit’s positive message in the UK as well!

Stuart lives in central London with his wife. 

The first introduction with Justdiggit
“I first came across Justdiggit when my colleague Dennis Kuperus talked passionately about the work you do. We had been asked to suggest charitable partners for Kinetic Worldwide where both Dennis and I worked. It was about this time (2015) that my concern about and interest in climate change was accelerating. I was beginning to join the dots: population explosion since 1970, deforestation particularly in tropical areas, incrementally warmer summers, the ubiquitous footprint of mankind on practically every place on earth, the destruction of wildlife habitat and the increasing extinction of species, monoculture farming, plastic pollution and acidification of the oceans resulting in the bleaching of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.”

Career switch
“For me, I had also reached a point in my career where I no longer wanted the next thing in the corporate world of media, and I was becoming more interested in doing something to try and help the effort to reverse climate change. I’ve always loved the natural world in all its infinite variety and beauty and being outdoors, in and amongst nature. I realised that these passions were more important than ‘business as usual’.”

“So, I decided to make some changes to my life – I retired! But this was chiefly so that I could read up about climate change, understand more about what was going on and learn what the solutions were. And, if possible, be part of that…”

Visting Justdiggit!
“I was talking to Dennis about all this over a drink in October 2019 and he arranged a video call with Wessel and Nadia, and I subsequently got on the train to Prins Hendrikkade, Amsterdam in January this year to meet them in person. I was blown away by the work you all do at Justdiggit, the quality and depth of the strategy, the tangible results and the contribution you are making to reverse climate change – all that and the energy and positivity! In short, we all got on very well.” 

Media career
“I have spent my entire career in media companies – my background is media sales and management, more latterly I have been CEO of both a commercial radio business and a large outdoor media agency. Prior to that I was commercial director of the Guardian News and Media and sat on the main board of the parent group, GMG. I particularly loved my time there and looking back I realise it was because I truly believed in their mission to produce independent quality journalism, the values of the organisation and the brilliant people who worked there. It is still the news source I go to first every day.”

Getting started at Justdiggit
“It is an honour and a privilege to join the team and with your help, I hope to establish Justdiggit in the UK, help create media and commercial partnerships, bring on board some UK ambassadors, and expand on the amazing results achieved so far in the Netherlands and more recently Germany. Looking forward to being part of the team!”