January 26, 2023

Linking up for a green planet with our new partner KMC Chain 

Cycling and sustainability go hand in hand. No wonder that we’re so excited to announce that we’ve ‘linked up’ with the world’s largest (and most durable!) chain manufacturer: KMC Chain. Thanks to this new partnership we’re able to bring back 34.000 trees during our regreening projects in Singida, Tanzania in 2023. 


KMC Chain x Justdiggit

Have you enjoyed a nice bicycle ride lately? Chances are that KMC Chain made your environmentally-friendly trip possible – without you even realising it. This company is the largest chain manufacturer in the world, producing durable bike chains for all systems, such as e-bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes, and, last but not least: the good old Dutch omafietsen!

Justdiggit and KMC Chain have partnered up since the beginning of 2023. They’ll contribute to our regreening projects in Singida, Tanzania for the next three years.Thanks to their support, we can regenerate 34.000 trees this year. A promising partnership, indeed!

Road to the 2024 Summer Olympics

Do you want to hear some other really exciting news? KMC Chain is the main (and name) sponsor of the international mountain bike team of Bart Brentjens, the former Dutch olympic champion. On their road to the Summer Olympics in Paris, the KMC MTB Racing Team has offered to feature us on all of their sponsorship materials. That’s right: we might be going to the Olympic games of 2024! So definitely keep an eye out for any green shovels on the shirts, cars and tents during the next mountain bike race you watch on the telly 😉

group photo

We’re very grateful to KMC Chain for their generous support and the opportunity to share our mission with millions of people around the world!