December 16, 2021

Meet our newest ambassador: Ben Pol

We proudly welcome Ben Pol as our new Ambassador. Ben Pol has been one of the biggest advocates for Justdiggit and nature-based solutions since 2019. This comes as no surprise when we made our announcement of Ben Pol as Justdiggit newest African Brand Ambassador who will support us in raising awareness on land degradation and global climate change. He will use his voice to inspire the next generation to dig in for a greener and cooler planet.

About Ben Pol
Bernard Paul Mnyang’anga, better known as Ben Pol, was born and raised in Dodoma, Tanzania, and is a leading East African artist and environmental activist. Inspired by his mother Cecilia, Ben started his musical career in his early teens. Up until today, he has released three albums and has multiple hits, awards, and collaborations under his name. 

As for now, Ben also utilizes his wide reach to raise awareness about environmental issues and mobilizes people to be a tool for a positive change. Ben dedicates his time and energy to the preservation of the environment as a UN champion for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition, he has become a respected ambassador for environmental conservation for the Tanzanian government. Now, he is also a Justdiggit ambassador! 

Working together towards a green planet
Justdiggit and Ben are pursuing the same mission and are therefore a perfect fit! Together with LEAD Foundation and Justdiggit, Ben will help increase and speed up the positive impact of nature-based solutions on the degradation of land in sub-Saharan Africa and global climate change. With his music, he will inspire, mobilize and activate his audience to join the regreening movement.

Ben Pol has a unique connection to the next and upcoming generation as well as a strong affinity and passion towards the African continent and his home. Justdiggit is extremely proud to welcome Ben Pol as an ambassador for Justdiggit!