July 14, 2023

Murals in Madagascar

Our new murals in the Diana region, in Northern Madagascar have been unveiled! These murals are part of our communication campaign in Madagascar by which we aim to highlight the importance of regreening and promote the Forests4Future program. The murals are a great success as lots of passersby are taking pictures with them and posting them on social media!

Mural 1

The Design

The mural was designed in collaboration with Havas South Africa, with the centrepiece being three circles. The circular shape stands for harmony. The design draws inspiration from tree logs, with the outer circle representing the present time and the inner circle representing a desired future state, where we are in harmony with nature. 

There are two variations of the murals placed around with different accompanying messages. The first one says “Restoring nature, empowering communities”, and the second one says “Our wealth is the health of our forest and landscape”.

Mural 2

Communication Campaign

The murals are part of our communication campaign in which we promote the Forests4Future program. This campaign was recently kicked-off with a journalist workshop. We support the Forests4Future program not only in Madagascar, but currently also in Ethiopia and Togo. 

Murals serve as a unique and compelling communication medium, often more so than billboards. Particularly in a region like Northern Madagascar, murals can embody local culture and artistic expression, reflecting stories, traditions, and values that resonate deeply within the community. They inherently feel more personal and relevant to the audience, fostering a sense of connection and ownership.