June 14, 2022

Partner Havas Lemz wins SAN Accent award for rebranding campaign Justdiggit

Creative agency Havas Lemz has dedicated hours and hours to our story, branding, positioning and visibility. All sponsored from the heart. Last week they received recognition for their accomplishments: we won a SAN Accent!

As you know Justdiggit restores ecosystems in Africa with the ambition to create meaningful impact on a global scale in the coming decade. Communication plays a crucial role in our theory of change. In the end it’s people who can save or destroy ecosystems.

Since the start of our journey we have been working together with the communication wizards of Havas Lemz as a family. The Amsterdam based agency is all about creating meaningful campaigns, helping clients with purposeful business transformations. The rebranding of Justdiggit is one of their impactful contributions.

They’ve selflessly helped us transform from an NGO to a love brand. And last week they got rewarded for their amazing work. Havas Lemz received a San Accent in the category ‘Government & Nonprofit’ for the campaign: From NGO to movement – DIG IN: inviting friends and farmers to take part in regreening Africa.

Thank you Havas Lemz! Regreening is done together!