October 19, 2021


We are proud to announce that Dennis Karpes, co-founder of Justdiggit, has been nominated for the 2021 PRIX VOLTAIRE INTERNATIONAL awards! The awards will take place in Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk on the 12th of November 2021.

The PRIX VOLTAIRE INTERNATIONAL owes its name to the renowned François-Marie Arouet – pseudonym of Voltaire – and intends to honor and shine a light on Friendly Fighters For Future-proof Fundamentals. These are individuals who have created a substantial impact to support one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This is exactly what Dennis is doing together with Justdiggit! Our regreening projects impact eight of the SDGs and make the earth ‘future proof’ again.  

Dennis says: “This nomination is an immense confirmation of the approach Justdiggit stands for, namely that communication plays an important role in re-greening, and making our planet green and cool again with the help of nature-based solutions”.