March 17, 2020

Projects temporarily on hold due to COVID-19 Virus 

Projects temporarily on hold due to COVID-19 Virus

Taking care of our planet also means taking care of each other. 

Though most cases are mild, the number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases worldwide is increasing rapidly. The first cases of the virus have also been reported within the African countries we are currently active in (Kenya and Tanzania).

We know like no other that the key to success, whether that’s a green planet or limiting the impact of a virus such as this one is to get everyone involved in the process. In order to limit the spreading of the COVID-19 virus and to support the health, well-being, and safety of everyone involved in our projects, we temporarily put our regreening projects on hold until we know it’s secure to proceed again.

Did you buy bunds through our donation platform that have not been dug yet?

We ask for a little more patience and understanding. We will make sure your bunds will be dug when the time is right.

Stay safe, everyone!