March 26, 2019

The premiere of Rainmakers III: A Tanzanian Story

The premiere of Rainmakers III: A Tanzanian Story

Thursday evening, March 21, our new documentary Rainmakers III: A Tanzanian Story was premiered in the most famous cinema in The Netherlands: Tuschinski Theater Amsterdam. We co-hosted this event with our media partner Jean Mineur Mediavision. It was a wonderful evening together with partners and friends!

Not present? Don’t worry! You can watch the documentary online.

Whereas Rainmakers I & II show the re-greening in Kenya, this third movie is about our Tanzanian projects. You might expect it to be a story about digging, but it’s not, it’s about  Kisiki Hai!  A story about spreading an idea that teaches us to value our environment so that tree stumps can grow to become actual trees. Curious about how we inspired over 200,000 farmers to re-green their land? And how media and communication will help us reach 347,000,000 farmers throughout Africa? Watch Rainmakers III: A Tanzanian Story. And feel free to share, so this positive message of hope can spread like jungle fire…

Directed by: Safi Graauw and Tjeerd van der Hulst

Music and sound design: MacLoud Amsterdam

Narrated by: Jonathan Brown

Executive producer: Wessel van Eeden