Regreening with Webfleet Solutions

Regreening with Webfleet Solutions

We are proud to announce that our partner Webfleet Solutions, a Bridgestone Company, has invested in regreening an area in Tanzania that is 4 times larger in size than the center of Amsterdam (3380 ha) – to offset its carbon emissions. By regreening this area, in total around 51,800 tons of CO2 will be sequestrated through bringing back over 130,000 trees. The program not only takes CO2 out of the air, but it also positively impacts the livelihoods of over 18,000 people, saves 700 million liters of water yearly, and restores biodiversity. 

And Webfleet Solutions is doing more! They’ve encouraged its customers to switch to e-invoices, with 22,000 users now choosing that option. For every paper invoice that is still sent, Webfleet Solutions makes a further donation to Justdiggit. That means that together we will bring back even more nature!

“Our core fleet management solution, WEBFLEET,” said Thomas Schmidt, CEO and Managing Director, Webfleet Solutions, “already supports customers to reduce their fuel consumption and carbon emissions by between 10% and 25%. But we want to do more. As a part of the Bridgestone Group, we share its global commitment to help achieve a more sustainable society. This initiative is an important element of us putting our part of that commitment into action.”

“It is great to see Webfleet Solution’s commitment to take climate action and the positive impact that enabling this program has on Climate, Nature and People” said Wessel Koning, Director Business Development and Partnerships at Justdiggit. “We believe that this program and partnership can inspire other organisations to join us in the regreen revolution that is needed to cool down our planet”

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