July 25, 2022

Reward your daily steps with a greener planet

Sweatcoin, an app that registers your movement, made it worthwhile to accomplish your daily 10.000 steps. You could actually exchange them for bunds at Justdiggit, and it was a massive succes!

Yes, we know.. We should exercise more. But Netflix feels so much more appealing when you crash on your couch after work. The Sweatcoin app seems to have tackled this obstacle. By tracking your movement, you can improve your health, the earth and your wallet! Sweatcoin is actually paying their users for their movement! Their motto? “Sweat Economy rewards movement to inspire a healthier, wealthier planet. For everyone.”

How it works

With every step you take, you generate sweatcoins, a new kind of cryptocurrency. You can spend these sweatcoins on cool products like Apple watches, high tech shoes, a yoga subscription. OR you can donate your steps to a variety of environmental, humanitarian and animal preservations causes like Justdiggit.

1.7 million steps

For a week, Justdiggit was one of these good causes. And it was a huge success. In just a week time almost 50.000 users have donated 1.7 million steps to Justdiggit. With your sweat you have literally enabled farmers in Africa to dig bunds (earth smiles) and bring back trees. By regreening Africa, we can cool off the earth. Talk about a good work out!

It’s amazing to discover all the wonderful ways in which we can cool of the planet by regreening. We were introduced at Sweatcoin by our partner Mudjeans, a sustainable jeans brand. This is another great example of corporation and networking for the greater good. Regreening is done together!