May 31, 2020

Singida Programme Update 2024

An update from the field.

Let’s start with an update on the Regreening Singida Programme as a whole…

Since November last year, clear progress has been made towards the goal of restoring at least 8 million trees in the programme. The program as a whole has already achieved 54.4% of this target! In total, 4,353,589 trees have been restored and over 44,244 meters of Fanya Juu trenches have been dug (February 2024). 

A promising start

Together with LEAD Foundation, we’ve held movie roadshow events in all (!) 26 villages of the area you are supporting. In March, we distributed informational booklets to the champion farmers. Through these booklets, farmers report to the Programme District Coordinators (PDCs) every month. Accordingly, the PDCs fill in the programme dashboard that is accessible to LEAD Foundation and Justdiggit. The booklets are replaced annually. 

We’ve painted murals in 26 villages…

Murals are painted on walls in all the villages of the interventions and on selected walls where many people reach. The main role of murals is to raise awareness on the activities that will take place in and around the villages. We noticed that communities were activated by the murals: LEAD Foundation has been contacted through the contact shared on the murals and people contacted LEAD for more information about Treecovery. Hence, the communities are inspired by  these vibrant murals! We are confident that these murals will serve as a powerful source of inspiration for our regreening efforts in the area you’re supporting.