September 13, 2018

Support with one simple move

Justdiggit and Tess Milne re-green the planet with a simple move

Together with brand new ambassador Tess Milne we invite passersby to support the Justdiggit projects while waiting for the tram. How? By making an easy contactless payment at a tram shelter of JCDecaux.

How often has it happened to you that a pushy person on the street approached you for a contribution for a good cause? Or that somebody is at your door with an endless fill-in form? No time, no change, no interest in a membership … They are understandable answers, however causing sympathetic organizations miss out on support. That should be easier and more positive, thought digital agency Feeling Bright, both in terms of approach and in terms of donation. And with this in mind they came to Justdiggit. The result: the very first contactless-payment-tram shelter in the Netherlands. Low threshold. Easy. Fast.

For this unique Outdoor Advertising Special, JCDecaux has provided the advertising caisson with a temporary payment option, partly thanks to a permanent link between the tram shelter and the fiber optic network for high-speed internet. To draw extra attention to this unique donation opportunity, the shelter is provided with striking communication items and a big shovel on the roof, part of the Justdiggit logo.

New ambassador Tess Milne

In order to make young people more climate-conscious, we are now joining forces with presenter Tess Milne as the new ambassador. Milne kicks off the donation campaign by being the first contactless payer at the tram shelter at the Leidseplein stop in Amsterdam.


This Outdoor Advertising Special is the result of a collaboration between Justdiggit, the innovative strategic agency Feeling Bright (concept), Lama Lama i.s.m. Dennis Wolzak (creation), influencer marketing agency IMA and Out of Home partners Kinetic and JCDecaux.

Justdiggit can be supported via the contactless payment Abri at Leidseplein in Amsterdam from the 13th to 20th of September.