June 15, 2022

Tanzanian artists booming on Youtube with ‘regreen’ hit

‘Kijanisha’ -to make green in Swahili’- is conquering the music charts in Tanzania. The catchy song comes from a collaboration between four popular Tanzanian artists, Justdiggit and Lead Foundation.

Slim chance Ben Pol, Christina Shusho, Frida Amani and Joh Makini are listed in your Spotify favorites. However… In Tanzania their stardom is the equivalent of Harry Styles’ fame in England. Mega popular! You can imagine our excitement when they agreed to record a ‘regreen’ song in collaboration with Lead Foundation and Justdiggit.

Power of music

Having seen first-hand the effects of climate change and land degradation in their native Tanzania, Christina Shusho, Joh Makini, Frida Amani and Ben Pol use their combined voices to encourage each and every one of us to join the movement and ‘Dig in’ for a greener, cooler world. ‘Kijanisha’ brings the message and promise of the regreening movement straight to the airwaves of Tanzania and beyond.

With their music, the artists are spreading the word: by using simple nature-based techniques such as digging water-saving bunds or helping native tree stumps regenerate, we can revive degraded landscapes and reverse their negative effect on climate change. In doing so, we create food and water security for millions of people, restore biodiversity and cool down the planet.


The most important challenge to overcome is helping this message reach millions across Africa and the world. And the catchy verse of ‘Kijanisha’ is doing exactly that. The video is already trending on Youtube in Tanzania!

New ambassadors

On top of this Ben Pol, Christina Shusho and Frida Amani have joined us as new ambassadors of Justdiggit. So let’s celebrate and sing it one more time:

Let us regreen Africa
Together with you
Let us regreen the earth
Together with you
Dig in!