April 4, 2018

The traveling cinema in Tanzania

The traveling cinema in Tanzania

Our ‘Kisiki Hai’ caravan about re-greening one of the most affected landscapes has been traveling around Central Tanzania for one month already, and in two months’ time it will visit 60 villages. Today it is Iyumbwi village’s turn! The film inspires and activates farmers how they can re-green their land and make their land suitable to grow food again.

Imagine that you have never or rarely seen a movie. A normal evening out for us, is THE event of the year on the Tanzanian countryside. How do we get the film to every village in collaboration with our local partner LEAD Foundation?

On the morning of the event, the “cinema night” is publicly announced to reach as many villagers as possible, after which the village facilitators and the village council come together for a briefing. To make the event even more attractive, a whole program has been developed. The evening starts with traditional dances, music or sometimes even drama.

Then a ‘Kisiki Hai’ education lesson will take place for the villagers, followed by a short question-and-answer session. And when the night falls: Our Kisiki Hai movie can be seen on the big screen!

The reactions so far is more than we could hope for. It really impresses them! In some occasions they even ask to repeat the video. Bishop Simon E. Chawanga, founder of our local partner LEAD Foundation:

“After the show, two young people were talking to each other in excitement as they walked passed us, ‘Friend, we must really be serious about restoring our environment!’ Thank you most sincerely for this wonderful vision and for funding it. You have given a ground-breaking tool.”

And here it just starts! Trainers will guide the farmers further in applying the FMNR techniques to their own countries. Read more here!