December 14, 2023

Trees are essential for our planet!

Does the science behind climate change mitigation interest you and would you like to dig a little deeper into why it is important to bring back trees? We have good news for you: Crowther Lab just released a paper that will definitely satisfy the scientific minds among us, and give us all the more reason to continue with large-scale regreening!

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About Crowther Lab

Inspired by Nature, Driven by Science. Based in Zurich, Crowther Lab contributes to creating the scientific foundation for ecosystem restoration! It is based on an interdisciplinary research group that aims to generate a better understanding of global ecology to inform and address biodiversity loss and climate change. 

The crucial role of forests in mitigating climate change

The scientific article that Crowther Lab released covers the science and statistics of what land restoration does and its worldwide impact on our planet. If you’re not feeling like reading this – admittedly quite complicated – article in its entirety, here is a ‘too long; didn’t read’ for you:

This article provides knowledge on the importance of conservation, restoration, and sustainable management of diverse forests and contributes to meeting global climate and biodiversity targets!

The main point is the global assessment of the natural forest carbon potential. You will discover how anthropogenic changes in land use and climate have reduced the scale of the terrestrial carbon sink created by forests. You will expect scientific-based information on the key challenges and successful methods that prove the impact of historical human land use, including observations across the full gradient of human disturbances. The main goal is to combine these analyses to investigate the global impact of human land-use change on forest carbon stocks!

If this still piques your interest, we suggest you read this article, which provides quality, detailed statistics that will allow you to understand better the importance of what we do with our projects! And if you can’t get enough about the science of regreening; we got you covered! In our latest impact report you will read all about the data and measuring techniques we use to regreen our planet.