October 10, 2018

Volunteer spotlight!

Volunteer spotlight!

This is Justdiggit volunteer Philip Huis in ‘t Veld. He has been supporting us for years with his post-production expertise. We are extremely grateful for his dedication.

Philip sees himself as an environmental freak. Since he was a little boy, he is concerned (above average) about incorrect treatment of trees and animals. He rescues all the spiders and even the wasps around his house. You can also see him replant mutilated Christmas trees – in the park – at the beginning of each year. He turns off the taps everywhere, that are unnecessarily open and he always turns down the heating system, but (a little) too low. This often leads to annoyance from his family. His son has to face it as well, picking flowers and kicking ants are explicitly forbidden. It goes pretty far!

In daily life, Philip works as a freelancer in video post-processing (at Post Production). He photoshopped videos mainly for TV commercials, but also occasionally for video clips and feature films. Because of his affinity with environmental issues and the desire to give practical meaning to this, he decided a few years ago to offer his knowledge and services to us free of charge. Knowing that this kind of work is quite expensive and specialized. We (Justdiggit) are enormously helped with his expertise!

He helped with the editing and layout of our latest TV commercial.

He also helps us with the delivery process of various campaigns that can be seen on video screens throughout the Netherlands and on various social media channels. This varies from Schiphol to shopping centers.

For all these media messages, unusual and professional video specifications apply. Work that you normally outsource to a third party. This is no longer necessary and saves us a lot of time and money.

Thank you for your support!