August 12, 2020

We’re going to start digging again!

We’re going to start digging again!

We’re going to start digging bunds again in our project area in Enkii, Kenya! Because of an exceptionally long rainy season (mid November to mid March) and COVID-19 we had to postpone the digging. Together with our partner MWCT (Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust) we have developed a protocol that makes it possible to dig bunds in a safe way. 

We make sure to meet the following safety requirements: 

  • A maximum of 50 people at a time in the project area; 
  • Keep a distance of 2 meters;
  • No physical contact;
  • Mouth masks are obligated;
  • No sharing of materials;
  • If someone has flu symptoms,  stay at home.

So, our diggers will pick up their shovels again. Have you bought a water-bund? It will be dug soon! As soon as the digger is finished with your bund, you will receive a picture of the end result. 

The digging will continue until the new rainy season starts again (end of October/beginning of November). From then on, the bunds can collect rainwater. And that means: regreening! 

Would you like to contribute to a greener and cooler planet? Buy your own water-bund here!