September 30, 2021

XITE and Justdiggit partner up

XITE and Justdiggit partner up

XITE partnered up with Justdiggit! The Dutch interactive music video platform will dig in through Stream To Regreen, joining us further on our mission of regreening and cooling down the planet. They will help us reach over 100 million households across Europe and North America, to share our story.

XITE will dedicate a channel within their TV app to Stream to Regreen and repeatedly play the brand new video clip of ‘Too Much To Ask’ by Don Diablo and Ty Dolla $ign, alongside music videos with an environmental message and green impact. So from the end of September onwards, you will be able to tune in on Stream to Regreen in the XITE TV app. Additionally, the video clip will be shown on linear television on Thursday September 30th, at ‘4 at 4’: four video clips in one genre or theme. 

About XITE
XITE aims to offer the best music video experience in the world. They distinguish themselves by allowing viewers to interactively search, like, and skip through its entire catalog. Within this catalog, XITE has agreements with all major and top independent music labels and distributors. Currently, XITE is active on linear networks, on-demand streaming services, and the interactive TV app. And within this interactive app, XITE and Justdiggit partnered up to create a Stream to Regreen channel!                                                                                                                          

We would like to thank XITE for digging in with their Stream to Regreen channel – and becoming a media partner of Justdiggit. Dig in yourself by tuning in on the Stream to Regreen channel by XITE!