What happens when
you invest in a bund?

You can make a donation by buying bunds. One bund costs € 8,-. Below you can find more information on what exactly happens with your investment.

87% of your investment goes directly to the bund project. This includes the costs for the implementation of the projects, such as choosing the right area for the project or the digging of the bunds. It also includes the costs for ensuring the sustainability of the regreened areas. We do this by engaging local communities and hiring rangers who protect the areas against unwanted visitors.

Good program management is crucial for the successful implementation of the project. That’s why part of your investment also goes to the management of the projects. And lastly, part of these costs goes to the monitoring, evaluation and learning of our bund projects. This allows us to continuously improve our projects.

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Price structure of a bund

  • Implementation phase (45%)
  • Program management (19%)
  • Sustainability phase (15%)
  • Justdiggit organization (9%)
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (8%)
  • Platform/technical development (4%)
Implementation phase (45%)

The implementation phase is all about getting a project up and running. It includes determining the right locations, engaging the local communities, digging of bunds by the diggers, providing adequate support with shovels and taking necessary safety precautions. The implementation phase of the project lasts for two years.

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Program management (19%)

Good program management is crucial for the successful implementation of a project. We always manage our projects together with our local partners. They are the ones organizing and arranging everything on site of the project.

Sustainability phase (15%)

Two years after the start of a project, we introduce the sustainability phase. This phase ensures the quality of the bunds and the proper recovery of vegetation in the project areas. During this phase we engage with local communities and create awareness on the importance of ecosystems and sustainable management. We also employ rangers to keep out unwanted animal visitors for the time being. The sustainability phase lasts for six years.

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Justdiggit organization (9%)

As Justdiggit we are always looking for ways to scale up the regreening. This is also the case with our bund projects. To be able to keep on improving and scaling the digging of bunds in dry and degraded areas, a small amount of your investment goes to the Justdiggit organization itself.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (8%)

To keep track of the progress of the projects, we closely monitor the impact of the bunds on the project areas. By evaluating this impact, we get more insight into the effect of the bunds, the vegetation cover and the restoration of the areas. We are constantly learning from our projects, and make changes and improvements where needed. This ensures the quality of our projects.

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Platform/technical development (4%)

We continuously are working on ways to improve the experience for users to buy a bund. By continuing the development of our site, we ensure an optimal experience for everyone who has invested in an own piece of green.