Kuku, Kenya

By digging more than 72,000 semi-circular bunds, Justdiggit has brought back vegetation to this once degraded area, making it useful again for the local community.

Design Phase
100% done
Implementation Phase
100% done
ha re-greened
100 mio
liter water per year

Regreening the land

Southern Kenya is the home to the Maasai people, who completely depend on the land as a main source for income and food.

In this project, we managed to sucessfully regreen 800 hectares of severely degraded land, together with the local Maasai community and our partner MWCT. To recover this area, the Maasai community has dug 72,000 (!) rain water harvesting bunds. These stopped further erosion and enabled rain water to infiltrate the soils again, which was essential for the vegetation to recover. Also, a grass seed banks is initiated and managed by Maasai women, which regreened the barren area near their doma (small settlement). They harvest seeds and grasses which generates income while the landscape is restored at the same time!


The Rainmakers

We’ve made a short documentary in September 2016 to show the impact of our projects. It is the first video in a series that shows the progress of our projects. The sequel that shows the current re-greening will be released shortly.


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