Kuku, Kenya

By digging more than 72,000 semi-circular bunds, Justdiggit has brought back vegetation to this once degraded area, making it useful again for the local community.

Design Phase
100% done
Implementation Phase
80% done
ha re-greened
868 mio
liter water per year

Re-greening the land

Southern Kenya is the home to the Maasai people, who mostly depend on the land as a main source of income and food.

In this project, we already managed to sucessfully re-green 800 hectares of severely degraded land, together with the local Maasai community and our local partner, the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT). To recover this area, the Maasai community has dug 72,000 (!) rain water harvesting bunds. These stopped further erosion and enabled rain water to infiltrate into the soils again, which has led to vegetation to recover. Also, a grass seed banks has been initiated and is now managed by Maasai women. This re-greened the barren area near their doma (small settlement). They harvest seeds and grasses which generates income while the landscape is restored at the same time!

New activities

But we did not stop here. Currently we are implementing new projects in the Kuku Group Ranch consisting of a combination of interventions, including the creation of new grass seed banks, re-seeding thousands of bunds and empowering more women groups. Scroll down to read more about our current activities and to see the re-greening results so far.


Timelapse re-greening bunds

October 2017 - August 2018

The soil bunds changes into bunds with vegetation. In the drought period you can see very clearly that the vegetation survived! This means that the water is being held and the soil is more fertile. Now we can look forward to the new rainy season!


Seeds of change

Documentaire Rainmakers ll

We have now made two documentaries to show the impact of our projects. While the first part of the documentary series Rainmakers shows the beginning of our projects and their necessity, Seeds of Change shows the clear re-greening results of our projects and the positive impact our projects have on humans and animals.


New activities!

At the end of 2017 we (together with MWCT) started with the implementation of new re-greening activities at the Kuku Group Ranch. We are establishing two new grass seed banks of 10 acres each in two different degraded areas. The selected villages are Inkisanjani and Enkii where local Maasai women’s groups can supplement their income, while re-greening their living environment.

Furthermore, a part of the existing water bunds will be re-seeded to replenish the soil seed bank and subsequently assist with vegetation recovery in the bare areas.

We also find it important to focus on capacity building and horizontal learning experience. Community women are trained in seeding, harvesting and general business and marketing skills. After they have gained experience in managing their own grass seed bank, they visit other women groups to exchange knowledge and best practices.


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