Let's Start Regreening!

If we are all in it together, we can regreen all of sub-Saharn Africa!

Many of your fellow farmers and pastoralists have already started to regreen their land, and with great success! By following in their footsteps, you become part of a big regreening movement!

Here’s some tips on how to spread the word, and spread the green:

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1_farmer spread the word_dig in_Justdiggit_farmer_Jalome Sailowa_Kisiki Hai_Mnyakongo_Dodoma_Tanzania

What Other Farmers Say

Jalome Sailowa a farmer from Mnyakongo village in our project in Dodoma, Tanzania:

“We used to cut down trees to make room for farming/crops. Unfortunately, there was a decrease in productivity and an increase of soil erosion. Through LEAD Foundation and Justdiggit, we have embraced restoration approaches like Kisiki Hai that nourish soils, and improve our food security and livelihood.”

Spreading the Word

Tell Others
Showcase Benefits
Spread on Social Media
Host a Workshop

Tell your Neighbours about Regreening

Spreading the word also means spreading the green! Telling your fellow farmers and pastoralists about the positive effects of regreening can help persuade them to start regreening their own land.

Are they curious on how to regreen their land? On greener.LAND you find the regreening technique that best suits your land! And by watching our documentaries, you can learn a lot about the benefits of regreening.

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Showcase the Benefits

Be proud of the results you achieved so far and show people your regreened land! If they see the benefits of regreening with their own eyes, they will see that it is possible on their land as well.

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Post it on
Social Media

Posting your successes via social media can also help to inspire other farmers and pastoralists. Share a picture of your newly regreened land and tell people about the advantages of regreening.

You can also show them our Instagram or Facebook page where we showcase lots of our regreening successes!

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Host a Regreening Workshop

Organizing a workshop within your own community is a great way to share your regreening knowledge with those around you. Explain the different techniques you’ve used on your own land and show the instruction videos and animations from our website. Now your community is ready to get regreening too!

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Any Questions?

Do you have any questions about regreening, the techniques to use, or anything else? Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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