Keeping snow on the Kilimanjaro


In November 2016 Justdiggit signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Tanzania to jointly develop a Hydrologic Corridor program in Tanzania.

We are currently working with the different Ministries to select the most suitable region and interventions for the first 3,000 ha project of the Hydrologic Corridor Tanzania. This project will consist of a combination of water harvesting, climate smart agriculture and nature conservation.



  • Signing MoU: Permanent Secretary of the Vice President’s Office Mbarak Abdulwakil is signing the Memorandum of Understanding for developing a Hydrologic Corridor in Tanzania!

  • Current erosion is clearly visible. With our water harvesting techniques we will prevent erosion by bringing the water under the ground again.

  • Ruined maize fields: the water harvesting techniques will be complimented with climate resilient agri-culture and therefore creating food security and extra income for the local community.

  • Baobab tree: Africa’s most iconic tree, that’s besides beautiful, also provides healthy fruits. The Baobab can live up to a thousands years old. If it gets enough water. 

Status: Preparation

First Tanzanian project 3,000 ha57%




icns_solutions_200pxOUR WORK

  • The exact interventions will be determined in Q1 2017.