This is the
Decade of Doing

The UN has declared 2021-2030 the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, an international movement to boost efforts to restore our ecosystems. Our regreening programs are effective, but our planet needs us to act faster. We need to scale up! Now is the time to scatter the regreening seed and maximize impact.

Our goal is to inspire and mobilize millions of subsistence farmers and pastoralists in sub-Saharan Africa by 2030, and to regreen all restorable land in Africa together.

How we’re scaling up

By combining landscape restoration techniques with the power of media and communication, data, and mobile technology, we have already reached hundreds of thousands of people at minimal cost. These efforts are powered by our network of the largest international media organizations. We also partner with local, national and international organizations and initiatives. 

  • 1. Building media partnerships
  • 2. Partnering up with (inter)national organizations and initiatives
  • 3. Utilizing tech

Building media partnerships

To promote the awareness of nature-based solutions on an international level, we create positive global online and offline awareness campaigns. In Europe the goal of these campaigns is mostly to create awareness among the general public. In Africa, our goal is to inspire millions of farmers to start regreening their land.

Havas Media and JCDecaux, both leading corporations in the media and communications industry, have supported Justdiggit for years within Europe. This partnership has been extended to our African projects with in-kind media and strategic support in potentially each African country where they operate.

This support means we can develop a media network in various countries, involving all types of national and local media partners. The result? Sponsored advertising space across a broad range of media outlets including TV, radio, billboards, cinema, and voluntary support of our great ambassadors, influencers, and many others.

Justdiggit Berlin Campaign 2021 JCDecaux

Partnering up with (inter)national organizations and initiatives

By joining forces, we spread the word and spread the green. Since 2018 our successful integrated media and communications approach within our Kenyan and Tanzanian programs has shown how the power of communication works, increasing the number of smallholder farmers restoring their land. We collaborate with local partners such as LEAD Foundation and MWCT Kenya, who are strongly embedded within the communities. These partners are responsible for the on-the-ground delivery of our program objectives, and work closely with the Justdiggit team.

On an international level, we are an official partner of the The African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative (AFR100), the UN’s Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and We also partnered with the Global Evergreening Alliance, and together we launched the Green up to Cool Down campaign during Climate Week in New York in September 2019.

Utilizing tech

Using data and mobile technology helps us to spread the word about regreening. Our moonshot is to make every African farmer an ambassador for regreening. Our partnering tech companies are helping us develop a Digital Regreening Platform, including app for farmers which is easy to use, and inspires, educates and empowers.

KaiOS Justdiggit

Our mission

If we want to cool down the planet in one decade, everyone needs to be in on the change.

To spread our message and scale up, we use the power of media, communication, data and the latest technology. We want to inspire, unite and empower an entire generation, growing a landscape restoration movement.

Examples of scaling up

  • Media campaigns
  • Radio
  • (Mobile) Apps
  • Greener.LAND

Media campaigns

Our campaigns are for both rural and urban populations with messages and regreening techniques that are tailored to their particular landscape. For example, nationwide media channels such as billboards and television, as well as radio channels that reach the rural population.

Watch our latest campaign here:



Together with partners LEAD FoundationDodoma FM and Farm Radio International we developed a special Kisiki Hai radio program. The aim is to inspire and mobilize farmers to start regreening, so we can help regreen the land without setting foot on it. Due to COVID-19, this was especially important in 2020, when the radio show first aired. The show combines entertainment with practical information on the benefits and application of regreening.

During the first run of the radio show, over 300,000 Tanzanian farmers tuned in. Since then, the show has been re-run several times, inspiring even more people to regreen their land. 

Regreen App

We are developing a mobile app to provide regreening knowledge to rural communities throughout Africa.

In the app, farmers will learn how to improve and regreen their land in simple step-by-step courses that will be fun and engaging to participate in and make them proud of their achievements. We’re soon launching the first version of our Regreen App in Tanzania. But we are aiming to leverage digital media at a large scale to reach farmers all over Africa. It will encourage and inspire people to either download the app (for free!) and start regreening, or to promote it to peers or relatives who are farmers.

Farmers and phone


Together with Nature^Squared and SamSamWater, we have developed Greener.LAND, an easy-to-use online tool to help farmers and other organisations find the regreening techniques that best suit their particular landscapes and climates and help get them started.