We are Justdiggit, we jump-start Mother Nature to provide a green, liveable planet for now and the future.

Why? Because the earth is drying up

Climate change, overexploitation and unsustainable land use are destroying earth’s ecosystems at an unprecedented level resulting in a vicious cycle: vegetation is lost, water no longer infiltrates and since vegetation has disappeared it no longer helps to create clouds nor can it cool the atmosphere. As a result even less rain falls, land erodes and dries up.

Justdiggit breaks this vicious cycle and removes its root causes through Hydrologic Corridors. We bring back water into the system by applying water harvesting and soil conservation techniques on a large scale which results in a restored water cycle and allows ecosystems to recover.


Water stress: demand for water already exceeds the amount of water available, 783 million people do not have access to clean drinking water.


Drought: loss of vegetation creates hotspots that heat up the air. Due to drought and desertification each year 12 million ha of arable land are lost.


Floods: loss of vegetation leaves vulnerable, dry and bare land that cannot retain water. Flooding and erosion destroy crops and infrastructure.


Migration: the land can no longer sustain the people living on it. People have to leave in search for a better life. Water scarcity could displace up to 700 million people.


Food scarcity: as a result of more frequent droughts, floodings and soil degradation food becomes scarce, while demand is expected to increase by 50% in 2030.


Loss of biodiversity: ecosystems fail and 27,000 species disappear on a yearly basis. 


Conflict: lack of natural resources results in political instability. Conflicts arise over water and food.


Climate change: lost vegetation no longer cools the atmosphere nor does it capture carbon, 2015 is Earth’s warmest year on record.