Cooling Down
the Planet

Freshly dug
After 4 years

What we do

Justdiggit uses nature-based solutions to regreen degraded landscapes.

Together with farmers, inhabitants and local partners, we revitalise ecosystems at scale by bringing back trees, digging bunds and implementing grass seed banks. It’s how we help build climate-resilient communities, increase biodiversity – and eventually cool down our planet. Want to join us in our mission? Dig in!


The Justdiggit Story in 30 seconds

Techniques to turn
dry land green

Regreening is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

There are many different suitable land management interventions. That’s why we work with various landscape restoration techniques in our projects. These are the three most common techniques used:

hectares under restoration
water bunds dug
18.7 million
trees recovered
grass seed banks

How you can contribute to a greener planet