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We are calling for widespread collaboration among organisations, initiatives and companies.

If you are a starting organisation, a start-up business or an organisation with a creative idea, we are here for you! Scaling up our programs entails boosted collaboration; through this approach, we can increase our environmental and social impact. As a Justdiggit Friend, there is no minimum donation required needed yet we are making an impact by fundraising; as long as you have a green heart, a creative idea,  a desire to join Justdiggit’s movement and a sustainability mindset, you are welcome to join!

Try our JDI friend bingo to check if you fit in the characteristics of a JDI Friend:

  • An organisation (a company, start-up, event organiser, or you name it!) with a desire to be impactful
  • Collaborative and creative to make memorable projects and/or programs 
  • Use your organisation to make impact through funding
  • Interested in participating in a community full of like-minded individual


Why becoming a JDI Friend?

We are always looking for a win-win to help your organisation grow whilst contributing to make an impact together!

We are seeking to start a movement where numerous organisations and companies—even those who are just beginning—are welcome to collaborate. By collaborating, you can improve your brand image by communicating about the partnership, using alternative channels to grow your organisation, being part of our major JDI network, joining the JDI community, getting access to our communication package, and more!

Interested in digging in? We have various activation tools available to be used – from using our ‘bundraiser’ tool to corporate gifting. Do you have a different innovative idea in mind? We welcome different perspectives on regreening, as we believe that every effort counts towards the bigger picture. 

Digging in with Justdiggit brings various benefits to the communities.

Our JDI Friends

We are proud to establish these meaningful partnerships. Each has its own special idea, efforts, and initiatives to make an impact in the world. All of them have their own unique stories. Curious about the stories?

Find out more, here!

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Jan Pompe Justdiggit

Jan Pompe

Business Innovator & Fundraiser