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Digging in Kenya

We have started two projects as a part of our first Hydrologic Corridor program in Kenya. We are investigating 13 other project areas. The corridor stretches from the Indian Ocean up to Mount Kilimanjaro covering a surface area of approximately 2,000,000 ha.

Historically Justdiggit (previous Naga Foundation) has its roots in this region and therefore decided to start the first corridor here.

To show the impact of our projects, we have made the short documentary “Rainmakers”. It’s the first video in a series that shows the progress of our projects. A special thanks to our partners Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust and Amboseli Ecosystem Trust who made this possible.

The sequel that shows the current re-greening will be produced in the beginning of 2017.

Current Projects

Shoveling MH


The Kuku Tsavo-West project restores and protects degraded grasslands and retains water in this area.

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We’ve finished our project in Amboseli and re-greened 800 ha!

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