Meet our wonderful and very passionate ambassadors. They help us to create awareness for our programs and organization!


Desmond Tutu


Archbishop Desmond Tutu is a South-African social rights activist.

He has been fighting for equal human rights for many years. For his efforts against apartheid, he received the Nobel Peace Prize. He is the patron and tireless ambassador for Justdiggit and tells the world to join the green revolution.

“Dig deep within your heart and join me in starting a green revolution. Justdiggit!”


André Kuipers


Dutch Astronaut André Kuipers saw the beauty and vulnerability of our planet from space. The realization that a sustainable future is something we can only create by protecting the limited natural resources on Earth, led him to support Justdiggit.

As ambassador he supports us in our educational program and is the voice of our campaign


Floortje Dessing


Travel writer, producer and presenter Floortje Dessing has seen the beauty of planet Earth in many different places, as she travelled the world to show beautiful destinations. During these trips, she noticed that some parts of the world clearly degrade.

Floortje supports Justdiggit to stop the decay of these areas and to see them blossom for future generations.

In our campaign she tells the world to join and take the shovel for climate action!


Mark van der Molen en Rámon Verkoeijen


For Mark van der Molen and Rámon Verkoeijen it is a logical step to commit as ambassadors. Verkoeijen: “The story of Justdiggit is so easy to explain. It is actually bizarre that it has never happened before. The result of their action can already be seen, and with something as simple as a shovel.” Van der Molen agrees: “It is a creative solution. Moreover, the initiators of Justdiggit have already proven that they can bring change.”

Mark van der Molen and Rámon Verkoeijen provide the afternoon radio show at NPO 3FM. The program, entitled Mark + Rámon, can be heard every working day between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.




Tanzanian comedian Jaymondy makes us laugh, but also knows regreening the planet is not a joke!

Jaymondy plays a big part in the Regreen Revolution: he is the lead role in our documentary Kisiki Hai II, visible in our campaigns and he creates awareness through his own channels. We’re so happy to have him on board. Karibu sana, Jaymondy!


Tess Milne


KRO-NCRV Presenter Tess Milne tells -with her contagious portion of enthusiasm – many people the story of re-greening the earth with a simple shovel.

Before, she presented Dutch shows such as Rekenkamer and Streetlab, and she was part of the RTL programs Roadtrippers and Expeditie Robinson. Now she is focusing on the next generation with the presentation of the kids program Willem Wever: A generation that can be inspired and activated to cool down our planet. You probably understand that we are very happy with Tess as ambassador.

Tess kicked off one of our donation campaigns by making the first contactless payment donation at a tram shelter in Amsterdam!

Photo credits: Nanda Hagenaars


Harm Edens


AVRO/TROS Presenter Harm Edens is surprisingly allround: funny, edgy, sharp, but always substantively. Therefore he’s besides, presenter and writer also a highly requested speaker, and….Justdiggit Ambassador! Harm actively cares about sustainability and the world, always from a hopeful perspective. With a nickname as Mister Sustainability the fit with Justdiggit is like a shovel in the soil!


Judith Nyambura Mwangi a.k.a. Avril


Judith Nyambura Mwangi, better known by her mononym Avril, is a Kenyan singer-songwriter, actress and entertainer. Avril’s contribution to the Kenyan Entertainment Industry has earned her one Nzumari Award, one Kisima Music Award, one Golden Mic Award and two Chaguo La Teeniez Awards.

As ambassador she supports us in creating awareness about our projects in Kenya.


Jonathan Karpathios


Jonathan Karpathios is one of the best chefs of The Netherlands and he is an ambassador of Justdiggit!

Jonathan is very engaged in nature and healthy soils. He is the food director at Lokaal Edel, where he cooks delicious meals with whole foods, found at local farms and his own four hectare garden, all natural and without pesticides. He won the prestigious prize “Gouden Garde” (Golden Whisk) for his beautiful cookbook in 2013.

Why he supports Justdiggit? Watch his video!


Amara Onwuka


Since early 2016 weather expert, tv presenter and artist Amara Onwuka has become our ambassador.

In 2015 she was the winner of Expedition Robinson and found out once again how important nature is to survive. Together with her years of experience in meteorology and her passion for nature she decided to support Justdiggit.

Have you seen Amara’s special Justdiggit weather forecast already?


Reinier van den Berg


Weatherman Reinier van den Berg knows exactly how climate and environment affect our own wellbeing.

The way weather and climate influence each other is a topic he specializes in, and that is exactly why he became an ambassador for Justdiggit.

Reinier is a sought-after speaker and is able to explain Justdiggit’s story in an inspiring and fun way.


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