June 13, 2022

Harvard Engage! Communications official partner of Justdiggit in Germany

Good news from our German neighbors! Pr agency Harvard Engage! Communications has joined us in our regreening mission.

Since this month the Munich-based communications agency supports Justdiggit with pr-activities. This means more people in Germany will learn about nature-based solutions to cool down the planet and restore our planet’s ecosystems.

Harvard Engage! Communications has decades of (international) experience in the field of press and public relations. Olivier Sturz, founder and general manager of Harvard Engage! Communications is passionate about the new collaboration: “We take the “Engage!” in our name seriously. The simple, down-to-earth idea of Justdiggit to slow down global warming with nature-based lowtech methods quickly convinced us. In addition Justdiggit proves to be a strong communicative initiative that impacts and moves people. As a local partner in Germany, we would like to support this urgent issue with targeted PR initiatives.”

As a first project the agency draws media attention to the current information campaign in Germany with bestselling author Frank Schätzing as our new ambassador. They created the press release, transformed complex ideas about nature-based solutions into accessible information for our German audience and distributed the Frank Schätzing campaign to their extensive network. This pr not only raised media interest, additionally it generated leads for potential new partners and sponsors!