February 6, 2024

Justdiggit launches ‘Our World’: an immersive virtual 360 experience that takes viewers right into the heart of their projects in Sub-Saharan Africa

Justdiggit launched its new interactive documentary ‘Our World’ today. Conceived and created by Lama Lama to allow viewers to experience the regreening of African landscapes, the immersive virtual 360° experience allows anyone to travel to Justdiggit’s land restoration projects in Sub-Saharan Africa using their smartphone, desktop, or VR headset. ‘Our World’ can be seen on Justdiggit’s website and results from a successful multi-year-long collaboration between Justdiggit, Lama Lama, Wolfstreet and Soundsright.

Our World

‘Our World’ is an interactive documentary that takes people right to the heart of the project sites of Justdiggit. Shot with a spectacular 360° camera by Wolfstreet, users can explore the great beauty of Kenya and Tanzania, and learn about all aspects of Justdiggit’s projects in different locations. Clickable ‘Regreening Insights’ are presented throughout the experience to better understand the environment and the regreening process. The interactive documentary isn’t just available on a desktop or smartphone. A version for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is available for an even more immersive 360° experience. 

Merel Rikveld, Justdiggit’s Head of Communications Europe, says: Justdiggit wants the entire world to know about the potential of nature-based solutions for the regreening and cooling down of the planet. However, to truly understand how these easy-to-apply techniques transform entire landscapes, ecosystems and communities, people have to see it with their own eyes. That’s why ‘Our World’ was created; it allows anyone to learn about the power of regreening without the need to be transported to the project sites.” 

Justdiggit makes dry land green again

If we can warm up the planet, we can also cool it down. But we have to take action now. That’s why Justdiggit, an NGO with head offices in Amsterdam and Nairobi, runs land restoration projects in Sub-Saharan Africa with farmers, pastoralists and implementing partners to make dry land green again. Degraded landscapes are restored using easy-to-apply and indigenous techniques in combination with new technology and a strongly collaborative approach. Justdiggit uses communication to spread the word about these nature-based solutions, as the return of vegetation positively impacts communities, ecosystems, biodiversity, and even our climate.

Lama Lama & Wolfstreet

Lama Lama is a digital creative agency that believes in the dynamic fusion of concept, branding, design, creative development and storytelling. They empower brands to elevate their digital impact to new heights. The Amsterdam-based digital creative agency was involved in the origination of the idea of this project and has developed it from start to finish. They conceived the big idea of Our World and handled the delivery of campaign and visual design, UI and UX design, creative development, backend development and VR implementation. Wolfstreet creates powerful visual content for diverse brands and was responsible for the spectacular 360° video mode.  

Jort Boot, Creative Director of Lama Lama, says:

“The ultimate objective was to convert each visitor into a lifelong ambassador of Justdiggit. We aim to deeply engage everyone in the realm of Justdiggit, not merely to showcase projects, but to evoke their essence through video, design, sound, and technology, allowing them to be experienced firsthand while touching the user emotionally.”

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More information 
Link to ‘Our World’

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