July 15, 2020

Meet our new colleague: Samwel Jakinda

Meet our new colleague: Samwel Jakinda

Meet Samwel Jakinda: our new technical support on landscape restoration! Samwel has years of experience in facilitating community development within pastoral communities.  As of now, he will put these great skills to use within u our projects in Kenya!

Samwel Jakinda Justdiggit

Community participation
The inclusion of local communities is key to the sustainability of our projects. Samwel is very experienced in closely cooperating with communities, local organizations, and governments. He will support our project partners in Kenya by involving local communities in our regreening projects. 

Technical knowledge
Besides his experience in community participation within different types of projects, Samwel is also experienced with the implementation and management of landscape restoration interventions:

“My training in Agricultural Engineering comes in handy to support the landscape restoration interventions of Justdiggit. These interventions will come with the additional benefit of water buffering and may in the long term enable communities to access water more easily. I have implemented similar projects in Kajiado, Kenya working in partnership with Rain Foundation/Aidenvironment (a partner in our IKEA Foundation-funded Green Future Farming program) for both the rural landscape and the urban environment.”

Samwel will be assisting our partners in landscape restoration and grazing management interventions. He will consult on-site selection, planning, and dimensioning of the interventions within the programs. 

“The interventions promise to bring resilience for the targeted communities, who have always been vulnerable to climate change shocks (droughts). The interventions will benefit people, livestock, wildlife, and the environment. I am therefore delighted to join the Justdiggit team and make my contribution to the restoration program.” 

Welcome to the team Samwel!