June 4, 2019

Nature as solution!

Nature as solution!

Research shows that 37% of the solution to climate change can be achieved with help of natural climate solutions. Incredible right?! This is exactly why we are implementing regreening projects. But what does it actually mean? We are happy to give you an update! With this knowledge you can impress your family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues.

First: what are natural climate solutions exactly?

Natural climate solutions are techniques with which nature in a specific area can be preserved, restored or even improved. It promotes the sequestration of carbon from the atmosphere and/or decreases the emission of greenhouse gasses. Some examples are: the protection of natural forest, grazing management of livestock and preserve or bring back trees within cropland.

And how does this effect the climate?

These natural climate solutions ensure that more carbon is sequestrated than emitted. As you can imagine: this causes a reduction of carbon in the atmosphere!  Because carbon is one of the most important greenhouse gasses, it will decrease global warming. And this is what we need, since the ambition is to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius in 2030.

We already knew that plants and trees can store carbon from the air, declining the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. But what we didn’t know is the fact that it can reduce the amount of carbon with 23.8 billion ton per year. This is 30% more than previously thought!! Approximately half of this reduction (11.3 billion ton: as much as stopping burning oil globally) can be realized with solutions which are cheaper than the future costs caused by climate change. These so-called cost-effective solutions provide 37% of the carbon reduction needed to keep global warming below these 2 degrees Celsius. And natural climate solutions do not only halt global warming, they also help to make the air and water cleaner, make the soil more fertile and even increase the biodiversity.

And what now?

With our regreening techniques we are busy implementing these natural climate solutions. Did you know that only for 9 euros we can sequestrate 1 ton carbon? And that it enables us to regreen 144 square meter and retain 6,800 liter of rainwater within the soil per year? Eventually it helps us to make the earth greener and cooler again. This brings us back to our slogan: ‘If we can warm up the earth, we can also cool it down’ (Justdiggit, 2016).