New partner: EarthToday accelerates nature protection at scale

Recently, we partnered up with EarthToday, a platform that seeks to raise awareness about the state of our planet and accelerate its protection. EarthToday raises funds for various organizations and communities that are involved in nature conservation and recovery, including Justdiggit. 

Read or add curated content based on the United Nations SDG’s

On the website of EarthToday, consumers can engage in thought-provoking content curated by individuals, organizations, charities, and brands sharing their knowledge on the social and environmental issues facing our planet. As Justdiggit, we also regularly post interesting content in regards to regreening and landscape restoration! Read articles curated by us on EarthToday.

Each piece of content on EarthToday must link to one or some of the 17 SDGs: the Sustainable Development Goals initiated by the United Nations in 2015. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved over the next 15 years over specific subjects, such as Climate Action, No Poverty, or Zero Hunger.

Fun fact: Justdiggit’s projects are linked to 8 out of the 17 SDG’s. Learn more.

Support nature conservation projects
At the same time, anyone (both businesses and individuals) can sponsor square meters of land managed by organizations and communities that are involved in nature conservation and recovery. These groups and organizations reinvest this money to protect and restore land, wild nature, and local culture.

Curious to learn more? Go to EarthToday, get your daily digest of thought-provoking content! 


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