January 16, 2020

New project area: Olgulului-Ololarashi, Kenya!

A new project area!

More regreening is coming up in Kenya. Because we’ve started a new project! The project area is located in the Olgulului-Ololarashi Group Ranch (try to pronounce that ;)) in the Amboseli Ecosystem, close to the Tanzanian border. The goal is to make rangelands green again, together with our local partners ACC and AET and the Maasai communities.

Heavily degraded Maasai Rangelands

The Maasai rangelands are an important living area for the Maasai patoralists. They keep their livestock on these lands, which is often their main source of income. However, keeping livestock on the rangelands is not that easy anymore. Due to serious droughts, overpopulation and thus overgrazing, and less communal ground for the Maasai, the rangelands are heavily affected.

Bring back grasses

It’s time to make the rangelands green and fertile again with help of different regreening techniques: water bunds will be dug (the first 10,000 are already reality!), olopololi’s (dry season grazing areas) are being constructed, stone lines will be build and grass seed banks will be developed.

Grazing committees

It’s not only important to bring back vegetation in the rangeland, it is also important to keep them green! That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of 130 Maasai pastoralists. Together they form the grazing committees. They supervise the sustainable management of the rangelands. In addition, they teach their fellow pastoralists about the importance of regreening. Together they take care of the restoration of the rangelands.

Movie roadshow

And this is not the only thing! We also aim to inspire and activate the Maasai to take better care of their land. How do we achieve this? With help of a movie roadshow! With this roadshow we travel from village to village showing the Maasai communities a movie. This movie shows the advantages and techniques of livestock and grazing management in an inspirational way. This allows the Maasai to make sure that the recovered rangelands stay green and fertile.

Want to know more about the project, the regreening techniques and the movie roadshow? Take a look at the project page!