September 7, 2017

Ranger workshops in Kuku

Ranger workshops in Kuku

Merel (Hydrologist) and Lana (Project Coordinator) gave several workshop last week to the rangers that patrol at and around the bunds in Kuku.

The rangers are of great importance for our re-greening projects. Besides their existing work (wildlife monitoring, check for grazing and anti poaching), they look after the bunds. Due to the great existing relationship between the village nearby and the good work of the rangers, the bunds can re-green and the whole area gets the chance to recover.

During the workshop our team explained how overgrazing causes drought and how important it is to keep cattle away from the restored lands.

In the second part of the workshop, the team took the rangers into the field to show them how they can carry out simple maintenance work on the bunds dug by the local community. It was great to see that only a very small part of the bunds needs some special attention of the rangers (these were the bunds that were not properly constructed, which is often the case with the first bunds, or because a gully has moved and therefore flooded the bund with too much water).

The ranger group determined to be the best at maintaining the bunds will be rewarded with… a goat!