March 30, 2020

Regreening via the radio!

Regreening via the radio!

As of now you can hear us on the Tanzanian radio! Together with partners LEAD Foundation, Dodoma FM and Farm Radio International we recently developed a special Kisiki Hai radio program. This way we aim to inspire and activate farmers to start regreening their own land, without having to visit them physically.

In the past few years we’ve been able to visit half of the village in our project area in Dodoma, Tanzania with our movie roadshow: an event in which we use entertainment and our Kisiki Hai movies to inspire and activate farmers to start regreening their own land. In order to reach the other half as well, we recently launched a special radio show: this program is broadcasted throughout the whole Dodoma area (an area as large as the Netherlands!). This way we can reach a large part of the population in the region without visiting them physically!

The goal of the program is to inform, inspire and activate farmers to start practicing the regreening technique Kisiki Hai on their own land. Whether they’re already familiar with Kisiki Hai or not,, the show  is fun and relevant for everyone: interviews with experts, a panel discussion, drama, comedy and answering listeners’ questions. The main focus of the show however, is regreening! 

Curious how that sounds? Below you can get a sneak-peek! It is in Swahili, but only listening to our fantastic ambassador Jaymony will make you happy. We promise!

By the way: you can also listen to the radio program live! Every Saturday evening between 5 pm and 5:45 pm via this stream.