June 5, 2015

Start pilot project Kuku

The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, in partnership with Justdiggit, develops a small-scale grass seed bank land restoration project in area of Moilo on Kuku Group Ranch.

Reason for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust to start the project is the decrease of the productivity of the pastures of Kuku Group Ranch during the last decades, reducing the amount of livestock the rangeland can carry and is thereby directly affecting the main source of income for the predominantly pastoralist Maasai community living in the area.

The project doubles as a women empowerment program. The 15-acre grass seed bank pilot project will tie into existing MWCT restoration activities and 12,000-acre conservancy areas. The grass seed bank project will contribute to the holistic vision that MWCT has implemented in its’ land restoration goals, and will act as a service provided to the local community.