December 22, 2023

We were visible at one of the most iconic locations in Europe!

Christmas came early this year. Earlier this month, our regreening work was showcased on Piccadilly Lights in London – Europe’s largest advertising screen!

The iconic Piccadilly Lights, in the heart of London’s West End, is a famed landmark making brands famous all year round. And guess what? Justdiggit has become a part of this legacy! We’ve been able to share our mission to regreen African land and cool down the planet with thousands of new people by displaying our work on these huge screens. Have a look at this video which will show you the sheer size of this extraordinary takeover!

For us, this was more than just a screen debut; it marks a special ending to a very special year. 2023 was characterised by immense growth and impactful collaborations. This awesome event underscores the power of partnerships and the creativity of collaboration, echoing our commitment to combat the climate crisis and effecting positive environmental change together with people and organisations from all over the world.

A huge thanks and big shoutout to Landsec, Ocean Outdoor, their amazing creative team, and Indicia Digital Storytellers (IDS) for creating this Deep Screen film and making all of this possible!